Some stores / services / restaurants open. Hours may vary.
Some stores / services / restaurants open. Hours may vary.
Some stores / services / restaurants open. Hours may vary.

General / Visitor Information

What are Limegrove’s opening hours?

Limegrove is open seven days a week and offers extended weekend shopping during the Winter tourist season. Check this page for opening and closing times.

Note that opening hours vary and are subject to change at anytime. Please check with individual locations for specific details.

Does Limegrove have accessibility features for the diabled?

For convenience, Limegrove features escalators, elevators and parking for the disabled.

How can I get to Limegrove from Bridgetown?

Limegrove is located in Holetown, north of Bridgetown and just off of Highway 1.

See our Directions page for more information.

What are my transportation options for getting to and from Limegrove?

Limegrove is conveniently located near public transportation and taxi services, and has ample parking on-site. If you are visiting Barbados, ask your concierge for taxi service recommendations. In addition, the Barbados Transport Board bus service makes several stops near Limegrove. Learn more about the Board’s bus schedules.


How can I get information on job vacancies at Limegrove?

If you would like to explore career opportunities with Limegrove or tenants within Limegrove, please submit your application here.

In addition, you may contact tenants directly about job openings.

Visit the Directory.

Entertainment and Events

Where can I get information on events happening at Limegrove?

Visit our Events page for details about upcoming events. Also, dial +1 (246) 620-LIME/ 5463 for more information.

Where are the box offices at Limegrove?

Some stores within Limegrove provide box office services for many events around Barbados. Please verify specific box office information with event hosts and promoters.

How can I book event space at Limegrove?

Our events coordinator is available to help you find the best space within Limegrove for your event. Please call +1 (246) 620-LIME/ 5463 or email events@limegrove.com for more information.

What are the rates for booking event space at Limegrove?

Rates for event space vary based on location and event amenities. Please contact our events coordinator at +1 (246) 620-LIME/ 5463 or events@limegrove.com for more details.

Cinemas, Restaurants and Stores

Where can I find telephone numbers for the stores at Limegrove?

Please visit the Directory for telephone numbers.

Where can I find show times for Limegrove Cinemas and a list of movies that are now playing?

Please visit limegrovecinemas.com for movie listings and showtimes. Showtime information is also available on the Cinemas hotline: +1 (246) 271-0071.

Is there a direct number for Limegrove Cinemas?

The direct number for Limegrove Cinemas is +1 (246) 271-0071.

What types of restaurants are at Limegrove?

Limegrove has some of the best restaurants in Barbados, offering an eclectic array of dining options.

  • Café Dimmo – Coffee shop
  • Ciao Bella Ristorante – Mediterranean
  • Lemongrass – Asian
  • Lime Bar and Zoola Café – Mediterranean, vegetarian
  • Opa! A Taste of Greece – Greek
  • Pastry Box – Italian coffee shop, gelateria and bakery
  • Quench Juice Bar – Juice and smoothie shop
  • Relish Epicurea – Gourmet deli and gourmet grocery
  • Singapura – Asian cuisine and grocery
  • Un Dimanche à Paris: La Suite – French café and concept store
  • Do Limegrove restaurants offer high chairs for babies?

    Yes, the majority of Limegrove restaurants offer high chairs for babies.

    What time do restaurants open for breakfast?

    A number of Limegrove’s restaurants offer breakfast service beginning at various times in the morning.

  • Café Dimmo – 7:00am
  • Café Zoola – 9:00am
  • Pastry Box – 7:30am
  • Relish Epicurea – 8:30am
  • Do stores at Limegrove offer duty-free shopping?

    Yes, select stores at Limegrove offer duty-free shopping. Learn more.

    The Grove Residences

    Where can I find information about buying or renting a townhouse at The Grove Residences?

    For more information about buying or renting a townhouse at The Grove Residences, please contact Altman Real Estate at +1 (246) 432-0840 or realestate@altmanbarbdos.com.

    Corporate and Leasing Information

    How can I get information about leasing store or office space at Limegrove?

    For information about leasing store or office space at Limegrove, please contact Patricia McKenzie at patricia@limegrove.com or at (246) 620-LIME/ 5463.

    Does Limegrove offer sponsorship?

    At this time, Limegrove offers sponsorship through a partnership with the Barbados Community Foundation. Please call +1 (246) 620-LIME/ 5463 for details.

    Who should I contact to do a photo shoot or film at Limegrove?

    To schedule a photo shoot or film, please contact Limegrove marketing at +1 (246) 620-5463.

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